Viewtiful Joe Songs Lyrics

Viewtiful Joe Songs Lyrics


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Viewtiful Joe Songs
Viewtiful Joe Opening Lyrics Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Viewtiful Joe


Released on year:2003

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:13


Joe, a fiery-haired cinephile, and his beloved partner Silvia find themselves at odds in their relationship. Silvia yearns for Joe to cherish their bond and initiate shared experiences. In a bid to alleviate the strain, Joe orchestrates a special outing to witness the enthralling spectacle of an age-old action movie featuring none other than his revered idol, Captain Blue. Little did they expect that their seemingly innocent cinematic escapade would warp into a tumultuous tale as Silvia is forcibly abducted into the very celluloid realm by Jado, the nefarious mastermind. Determined to bring his beloved back to safety, Joe courageously ventures into the enigmatic domain known as "Movieland," guided by the benevolent Captain Blue himself. Ascending to the stature of the illustrious "Viewtiful Joe," Joe gains access to a remarkable gadget called the V-Watch, which empowers him with superhuman capabilities. Unyielding in his quest, Joe embarks on an epic odyssey to rescue Silvia from the clutches of Jado, who seeks to harness her potential for world domination. The road from being an ordinary Joe to a full-fledged hero may be fraught with challenges, but Joe is resolute in his commitment to safeguard his paramour and the very fate of humanity itself. Enthralling and intriguing, he shall weave his magic in the most awe-inspiring manner, earning the moniker of the truly "view-ti-ful" hero.


The widely popular Viewtiful Joe series has successfully transcended the realm of video games and made its way onto our screens as an exhilarating anime adaptation. Taking inspiration from the captivating video game by CAPCOM, this remarkable series is a true marvel to behold.