Techno Police 21C Songs Lyrics

Techno Police 21C Songs Lyrics


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Techno Police 21C Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Techno Police 21C


Released on year:1989

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:47


In an adrenaline-fueled adventure, the gripping plot unfolds as a stolen MBT-99A tank takes center stage. This cutting-edge tank, designed by the United States Air Force, becomes the pivotal element that turns Eleanor's fate. With its ability to eject passengers just like a fighter jet, this formidable machine captures the audience's imagination right from the start. Picture this: the tension builds as the tank speeds away, seemingly unstoppable. Yet, in a remarkable twist, the atmosphere transforms into a swanky cocktail-lounge jazz backdrop, accompanied by dazzling lights swirling around the tank. This armored behemoth boasts six ATGM launchers, three on each side of its turret, and a laser-based machine-gun contraption. Interestingly, our protagonist Ken manages to disarm this technological marvel effortlessly, even tearing off a piece of the turret at the climax of the movie. Additionally, the tank boasts dual-mounted treads, adding to its awe-inspiring presence. However, the inclusion of a laser-based weapon raises questions about its true effectiveness. Its limited firing capacity, firing once every few seconds, hints at potential ammunition constraints. This curious choice seems contradictory when compared to the immense firepower typically found on modern tanks, with thousand-round-and-up machine guns. Furthermore, its laser fails to impact the surrounding environment, exposing its weak point. Adding another layer of excitement, the movie introduces the MBT-90D, dispatched by either the Army or the Air Force (the film remains unclear on this joint effort). These state-of-the-art tanks, armed with a three-barreled autocannon and ATGM missile launchers, are determined to apprehend the MBT-99. Despite the deployment of a whole platoon, the elusive tank cunningly evades capture, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. Fascinatingly, the MBT-90D's main cannon is uniquely mounted on the front rather than a traditional turret configuration, showcasing its innovative design. The narrative takes an intriguing twist when Eleanor, our protagonist, accesses the hijacked MBT-99. Unexpectedly, the tank springs to life, its programming manipulated by the cunning assailants who recently escaped from a daring bank robbery. Their objective: send the tank hurtling towards a pier, aiming to rendezvous with an enemy submarine. From here, an exhilarating citywide chase ensues, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, including yet another bank owned by the same corporation involved in the initial heist. The evolving mayhem and collateral damage add to the movie's gripping intensity. Prepare to be captivated as this high-stakes pursuit unfolds, blending cutting-edge technology, heart-pounding action, and a race against time.