Shou-Koujo SARAH Songs Lyrics

Shou-Koujo SARAH Songs Lyrics


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Shou-Koujo SARAH Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Shou-Koujo SARAH


Released on year:2016

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


Perched beneath the grand, Gothic spires of a renowned all-girls boarding school lies Sarah Crewe, a young prodigy whose brilliance shines both in the classroom and amidst her peers. Basking in the splendor of her new life in London, her future appears boundless. Alas, fate deals an unwelcome blow as news of her beloved father's untimely demise reverberates through the hallowed halls. In an instant, the world Sarah knew crumbles like fragile parchment, leaving her reeling in the aftermath. Stripped of her academic privileges, our resilient heroine is cast into the melancholic abyss of servitude, her nimble hands transformed into tools of domestic labor. The once-fawning faces around her morph into masks of disdain, finding cruel solace in her misfortune. Yet, amidst the ashes of her former life, Sarah vows to reclaim her honor and embrace an unyielding spirit. A steadfast resolve takes root within her, sprouting tenacious friendships that will blossom against all odds. Bound by an unspoken camaraderie, these newfound allies will help Sarah ascend from the depths of desolation, forging a path towards redemption and the restoration of her rightful place in society. As her resolute footsteps echo through the corridors, Sarah Crewe will no longer grapple with the status of a mere maid, but unravel the tapestry of her destiny with unyielding grace and unbreakable spirit.