Secret Princess Songs Lyrics

Secret Princess Songs Lyrics


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Secret Princess Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Secret Princess

Also Called:Himegoto


Released on year:2010

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:11


Embarking on a mesmerizing journey into a living fairy tale, we are introduced to a seemingly unlikely protagonist named Ahiru—a charming, yet bumbling and endearingly gentle character. But there's indeed more to Ahiru than meets the eye. In a remarkable twist, she is not your ordinary damsel, but an enchanting creature of the feathery kind—a duck! Yes, you read that right. Transformed into a human girl by the enigmatic Drosselmeyer, Ahiru's magical existence unfurls, revealing a profound purpose she must embrace. Discovering the powers bestowed upon her by a mystical, egg-shaped pendant, Ahiru unveils her true being as Princess Tutu. Oozing elegance and grace, she graces the stage as an exquisite ballet dancer, using her ethereal performances to heal the restless souls yearning for solace. But her journey doesn't end there. Promised to a prince who sundered his own heart to banish an evil raven into eternal confinement, Ahiru embarks on an arduous mission to retrieve the scattered fragments of her prince's shattered heart. Within the realm of Princess Tutu, a timeless narrative unfolds as our heroes challenge the shackles of destiny. Their unwavering beliefs, tumultuous emotions, and consequential choices dictate the very essence of this epic tale. Will this fantastical fable culminate in the coveted "happily ever after"? Only time will tell as we delve into the captivating world where dreams, hope, and the dance of destiny intertwine flawlessly.


Princess Tutu captivated audiences through its two enthralling parts. The initial segment tantalized viewers with 13 riveting episodes, each lasting 25 minutes, while the second part unfolded with remarkable intensity across 24 captivating episodes of 12 minutes each, before culminating with a magnificent 25-minute finale. In total, this phenomenal anime masterpiece spans an impressive 26 episodes.