Sakurada Reset Songs Lyrics

Sagrada Reset | サクラダリセット
Sakurada Reset Songs Lyrics


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Sakurada Reset Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Sakurada Reset

Also Called:Sagrada Reset | サクラダリセット


Released on year:2012

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:24


In the enchanting coastal city of Sakurada lies a world brimming with extraordinary abilities. Meet Kei Asai, a resident who possesses a remarkable gift for recalling every detail with astonishing accuracy. His path crosses with the enigmatic Misora Haruki, a seemingly indifferent girl whose power grants her the ability to rewind time up to three days. United by fate, Kei and Misora join forces, leveraging their unique abilities to assist those in need and shape the destiny of their beloved town. But their journey takes an unexpected turn when they are drawn into the clandestine operations of the esteemed Administration Bureau—an enigmatic organization that oversees the management of supernatural abilities in Sakurada. With their participation, the Service Club embarks on enthralling missions, all while unraveling the hidden truths that lurk beneath the surface of their picturesque home. Together, Kei and Misora might just uncover a tapestry of secrets intertwined with the fate of Sakurada. Brace yourself as their captivating tale unfolds, revealing a world where extraordinary powers and covert manipulations collide in the quest for truth.


Sakurada Reset offers a captivating and faithful rendition of Yutaka Kouno's esteemed light novel series, bearing the same title. While maintaining the essence of its source material, the anime strategically rearranges the storyline in its first half to bring forth a fresh and intriguing narrative experience.