Metal Jack Songs Lyrics

Metal Jack Songs Lyrics


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Metal Jack Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Metal Jack


Released on year:2009

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:64


In the distant future, nestled amidst the towering marvels of Tokyo City, a metropolis boasting cutting-edge technology, our tale unfolds. Enter Ken Kanzaki, a young and talented investigator, serving in the esteemed criminal investigation section of the Metropolitan Police. Renowned for his unparalleled marksmanship, Ken finds himself embroiled in a sinister plot. One fateful day, duty calls Ken to provide security at a lavish soiree hosted by the formidable Zaizen Konzern, an influential plutocratic conglomerate. Unbeknownst to him, this glamorous gathering will take an unforeseen turn. In a shocking twist, malevolent spector robots assail the party with merciless intent. Chaos ensues, leaving not only Zaizen, their esteemed leader, lifeless, but also leaving Ken and Jun, Zaizen's son, gravely wounded in their wake. Even Ryo Aguri, a renowned auto-racer, and Go Goda, a mighty wrestler, suffer serious injuries. To their rescue comes the Metropolitan Police, who swiftly intervene, subjecting the trio of injured heroes to a ground-breaking cyborg operation. Under the watchful eyes of dedicated scientists, Ken, Ryo, and Go rise once again, reborn as the indomitable "Armored Police Metal Jacks." Equipped with mechanized suits that effortlessly transform into awe-inspiring "Jack Armors," these formidable fighters are ready to face any adversary. As fate would have it, an enigmatic organization known as "Ido" unleashes a horde of malevolent machines upon the floating-town of Tokyo Bay. Unprepared and outmatched, the feeble defenses of the Police and Army falter. Yet, at this critical juncture, the Metal Jacks make their grand entrance, unleashing a stunning display of power and skill. With the vibrant backdrop of future Tokyo City, a thrilling battle between high-tech criminals and the mighty Metal Jacks commences, cementing their place as the last line of defense against a world on the brink of chaos.