Gokusen Songs Lyrics

Gokusen Songs Lyrics


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Gokusen Songs
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Anime Information



Released on year:2015

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


Kumiko Yamaguchi, a woman of intellect and unwavering enthusiasm, embarks on a journey to fulfill her lifelong aspiration as a mathematics instructor at the esteemed Shirokin Academy. However, her dreams are quickly shattered upon the stark reality that awaits her on the very first day - a school plagued by unruly students and trembling educators, seemingly devoid of any desire for self-improvement. Unbeknownst to her rambunctious pupils, concealed beneath Kumiko's endearing and unassuming facade lies a formidable secret - she is the clandestine head of a potent yakuza clan, equipped with unparalleled prowess. Though capable of effortlessly overpowering even the most audacious gangsters within moments, Kumiko must skillfully maintain the delicate balance between her extraordinary abilities and her professional life, concealing her criminal influence from prying eyes. Alas, her path is strewn with obstacles. The cunning vice principal ceaselessly plots her downfall, maneuvering to strip her of her role. Furthermore, Shin Sawada, the charismatic leader of her class of delinquents, harbors a suspicion that Kumiko possesses an untapped strength beyond her amiable appearance. Thus, our determined heroine faces an arduous tenure as an instructor, fraught with challenges both within and outside the classroom.